View below, all the exterior modifications I’ve done to my Miata.


View below, all the exterior modifications I’ve done to my Miata.

Garage Vary Front Bumper Lip

This lip and I share a love hate relationship. It looks classic, but it makes me drive all around town to avoid speedbumps.

 Bumper lip make: Garage Vary NA Front Bumper Lip
Price paid: €90,-
New price: €110,-


Garage Vary Sideskirts

These look great if you’d ask me. Makes the car look lower, without the consequences.

Sideskirts make: Garage Vary NA Sideskirts
Price paid: €90,-
New price €140,-

Vindi Ducktail

This ducktail designed to improve downforce and airflow.

Ductail make: Vindi Ducktail Miata
Price paid: €70,-
New price: €170,-

Axe EX8 Wheels

Got some Toyo’s on my rims.
Tire size: 195/50/15
Rim size: 15×8.25 ET25
Rim make: Axe EX8

Harddog M1 Hard Core Rollbar

I’ve installed this rollbar to improve my handling by stiffening the chassis. It also (obviously) improves safety.

Rollbar make: Harddog M1 Hard Core
Price paid: €350,-
New price: €520,-

Mossmiata Turn signal intakes / TSI's

I adore the look of these. They look absolutely amazing AND they massively improve airflow to the cold air intake.

TSI make: Mossmiata TSI’s
Price paid: €60,- (painted)
New price: €60,- (unpainted)


Custom Rear Taillights

I made these custom rear tailligts with 100mm red led rings, glued behind the stock light its lens.
Price paid: €7,-
New price: N/A

Custom sidestripes

I got these designed and printed.
Price paid: €70,-
New price: N/A

7 Inch Jeep RGB Headlights

One of my guilty pleasures, RGB. These came from China. No real brand on them. But they work plug and play!
Price paid: €120,-
New price: €120,-

Renault Clio RS 197 Diffuser

Got this beautiful diffuser to improver airflow beneath the back.

Diffuser make: Renault Clio RS 197
Price paid: €250,- (including rear bumper)
New price: N/A